Friday, September 23, 2011


Owez haf to suffer some small little ''heat hurting'' case. even a small one for me is a big one. i hate getting small hurts.
nahhh. i juz hate im a PISCES! coz im really a true PISCES i guess? put too much LOVE in my relationship? FALLING too deep into it? LOVE is much more important than everytin in my LIFE?
wowww. great to noe tat im suck at having a REAL LIFE coz im in my dreams all the while!haha
TRUSTING too much?OVER TRUST? waaaaaa. Im so blur as well!
For me..MY LIFE i juz wan everything to be smooth..sumtimes i dun even hope for a ''BIG BANG''!! suddenly waking me up from my dreams and i haf to ruch doing things i dun really LIKE IT! but tis is the REALITY...u haf to face problems to GROW UP~~yea grow up.
Sumtimes i tried not to care sumtin tat i usually really care but i cant do it..i really care too much!too muchhhh weiiii...i really think too much all the timeee! and it doesnt really feel good! important is a goodnight message from ur BF or GF to u?? for me. is affects my SLEEP.

wat i had to say is....having a relationship, is not all bout urself. when ur in a relationship..u haf to care the feelings of the other half as well. im oredi used to STEPPING down all the time. when i didnt did wrong i made myself wrong. tis is juz for the relationship to last longer. will it get better?? i duno, it depends on the other half that hope she understands everytin i did is for her own good. ya

A question to myself: if ur GF is going overseas to study, wat and how do i feel?
ANSWER: Ofcoz i will feel lonely after tat. sked of LOSING her coz overseas haf many better guy or maybe better looking guy. and hard to contact. hmmm. and one more thing is tat i dun even noe wat she will do ther or wat had she done ther....?
CONCLUSION: sked of LOSING her.tats it!

PPL owez said tat wen u trust ur relationship or trust ur the other half. then u wont be afraid tat u will lose him/her even ther is distance in ur relationship or long time didnt meet or contact. i dun belif in tis coz its all BULLSHIT. for me i wont leave my lover if i oredi had her. so im the one who afraid of losing her.

I HATE the feeling of sadness the feeling of losing some thing in my life. but the most i can rmb the feeling of losing one important thing in my life tat so far i experience is losing my like losing a small piece of heart.broken piece of heart. FRAGMENTS.

Owez care most of the FEELINGS of ur the other half.

when the piano keys are not smooth. then the music produce never will sounds better or good.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Its already been 3 days since u left to SOUTH AFRICA..
I haf to get used to the feeling of missing you...
coz most of the time u travel wit ur family...
Hope u r fine there.. im actually quite worried over here..
becoz ther is no way i can contact u from here...
stupid...dun get eat by lion there..or else i will marry the lion de la..
love u and miss u all the time...Hope u will buy ur 100 gifts for me as wat u had already promised.. =P LOVE YA..and gudnite sweetheart

Open house ended~

Hmmm..this is the second time im back to my new house and at this my house- OPEN HOUSE..aka HOUSEWARMING...><'' juz ended 2 hours ago and im freking tired coz of helping my family...i drove around and BLA BLA BLA...aduii..and also carry stuff till my back pain and also takda mood to makan at all..not much comment bout tis..lazy to share photo oso..hahah..i will upload soon bah..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Special thanks~♥

A veryyyyyyyyyyy special thanks to my darlyn for taking care of me while im sick...thanks alot u alwez... muacks ♥

27th december 2010 1.57pm


Just only recovered from my fever, diarrhea and whatsoeverrrrrrr~
goshh...really hate the suffering days...from wednesday until now....

early this morning, means in the midnight...12am++ darlyn oredi start her flight to Beijing...she will be back on 31st december...miss her sooo much now..=(
Hope she reach there safely...take care my DAR..♥
just haf to tahan 5 days only...><''
but now felt like so tak biasa...morning dun haf her msg...

Tomolo haf to go for rehearsal again...for 31st december genting first world countdown show...performing really can become my part time job ady...even though it is tiring...
hope tis time wont sick again after going there...

Hope that my darlyn will come back safely on 31st only wish for christmas even christmas is over oredi..


27th december2010 1.55pm

Friday, October 15, 2010

My thinking???

The older u get...the more ''headaches'' u will get...
As ur growing older, u haf to worry about many things...
worry about money, relationship, friendship, family, ur own interest and also many kind of stuff n shits...ur life will become much more complicated...yea....who doesnt wish to had no worries in LIFE at all...who doesnt wish to be born in a damn RICH family so we dun haf to worry about money at all...who doesnt wish to born perfectly handsome n pretty...who doesnttt????

We learn from the the right things in the future...but somehow rules are meant to be broken...sometimes u will feel like breaking every rules that had been obviously human love doing SHITS.

Our parents...we alwez spend their hard earn money without thinking of how hard they work to earn that amount of money to pay for our study fees, feed us and give us allowance...we spend their money without even thinking...
An example, when we are standing infront of a shop that we are going to buy our favourite shoe there, do we even think about how hard our parents earn that money???we juz only thinking about getting the shoe as fast as possible becoz we love that shoe...I noe for our age we had alot of CRAVINGS...we wan this...we wan that....wat also want...we are not earning money but we oredi started to buy and admire all those expensive stuff...drink expensive expensive stuff....SERIOUSLY THIS IS ALL BULLSHITSS!!i really hate myself sumtimes for bullshit!!
Sumtimes....i tink bout tis i felt like crying...crying for my mum...she is the best MOM ever...becoz i truly understood how she manage to raise me n my sister up even she is havin a big problem...when i was small...i cant even help my mum out...i haf no ability to do it...she does everytin all by herself...she work so hard...juz to kip me n my sis alive...she gave us life...and she also earn us a better LIFE...why are we so greedy wanting more???

I'm currently studying in college and seriously i hate studying...i juz dunno why...
I'm juz too lazyyyyyy...goshhh..when can i change myself???
Wat kind of bloody problem will jsut POP UP to ur life without any warning or notification....
I hate MONEY problem...coz for my age now is hard to earn money...
I hate STUDYING problem...coz i really cant memorize stuff easily...and i damn hate my stupid brain...or LAZY brain....
I hate FAMILY problem becoz it will spoil my mood for the whole life....
I hate RELATIONSHIP problem becoz it can kill me....
I hate FRIENDSHIP problem becoz i dun like to be misunderstood...
and i FUCKIN hate FAKERS.

I LOVE Bboying becoz it satisfied me while i done creating my own moves....and it makes me happy ....for
I LOVE mummy becoz she GAVE ME LIFE...
I LOVE darling becoz she understands me and i really nid her...
I LOVE my brothers becoz they are the only brothers that we could share our happiness and sadness together...we do shits...we make shits...and we eat shits...THATS THE WAY!
I LOVE some of my friends (of coz not all la, got bad friends n good friends mah) becoz they sumtimes give me happiness...and i do appreciate it for the ''sumtime happiness''
I love everyone who LOVES me...
and i do MISS some of my friends that i had already long time didnt meet them...
and i MISS the old time....
I MISS secondary school life...
I felt like i had lost many things...i felt like i had wasted some of my life doing bad SHITS..

This is every piece of my heart...

16th october 2010 12.59am

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunway Lagoon trip~26th september 2010 sunday~

SUNWAY LAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON...on tis day...(sudden plan from duno who) they said wanna go sunway lagoon..and it is a couple trip...LOL..Me and darlyn kioko,ryan and annoying momoko, and wack antion president Kingking and chel babi...i mean chel babe..XD

This oso consider a so called ''canceled trip'' by bla bla bla....and bla bla bla...
many things happen before and after the night...haha...u shud haf been there in the morning but turn up in the afternoon...who's fault???lol...some people may noe..i mean people who went to this trip may noe....XD

Of sunway lagoon we play slides...walk along the fake BEACH...and i miss the chance to walk on that bridge againnnn!!!arghh..went there so many times didnt even walk at that bloody bridge before..T.T we played outdoor games...water...dry...wet...those words seems so wrong o.o'' i mean wet games n dry games...ahahaha..syok sendiri..paiseh...XD

OK...lets juz skip to the interesting part...SS2 MURNI is a so called CHINESE MAMAK...and the food was freaking GREATTTT~!i mean really greattt!!oh bastardd!!LOL
we ordered enuff food on the table and suddenly someone wanna order chicken didnt order becoz we cant even finish our own food...u noe who u are MY DEAR....OPPPSSS..hehehehe

Kingking was sick after halfway playing at sunway lagoon...and all the time he was so weak until i haf to piggyback him into clinic..=='' and then he recovered...and sick went to two clinics...the first one we cant make it becoz the doctor wasnt there...reason is went to makan...stupid doctor..dunno how to DAPAO ar??And nxt is clinic KW WONG if im not
In the car kingking was so weak and he is leaning on my darlyn's shoulder...KINGKING U WANNA DIE AR?????!!!!TAKIN ADVANTAGE!!!!hahaha..juz kidding la...see u so weak that time i let u stay alive lor...

Not much to tell about the trip...but it was great...everything seems so weird...wher got people trip halfway pergi clinic geh???ahhaha.. nice hanging out with u guys...we will haf another trip yoooo~ehhe

sorry for my damn broken english+bryan language+weird languages and whatever it is....=) and sorry that the photo is abit weird..this is the only picture that we had taken that include six of us in the picture...XD

tuesday 5th october 2010 2.44am