Friday, September 23, 2011


Owez haf to suffer some small little ''heat hurting'' case. even a small one for me is a big one. i hate getting small hurts.
nahhh. i juz hate im a PISCES! coz im really a true PISCES i guess? put too much LOVE in my relationship? FALLING too deep into it? LOVE is much more important than everytin in my LIFE?
wowww. great to noe tat im suck at having a REAL LIFE coz im in my dreams all the while!haha
TRUSTING too much?OVER TRUST? waaaaaa. Im so blur as well!
For me..MY LIFE i juz wan everything to be smooth..sumtimes i dun even hope for a ''BIG BANG''!! suddenly waking me up from my dreams and i haf to ruch doing things i dun really LIKE IT! but tis is the REALITY...u haf to face problems to GROW UP~~yea grow up.
Sumtimes i tried not to care sumtin tat i usually really care but i cant do it..i really care too much!too muchhhh weiiii...i really think too much all the timeee! and it doesnt really feel good! important is a goodnight message from ur BF or GF to u?? for me. is affects my SLEEP.

wat i had to say is....having a relationship, is not all bout urself. when ur in a relationship..u haf to care the feelings of the other half as well. im oredi used to STEPPING down all the time. when i didnt did wrong i made myself wrong. tis is juz for the relationship to last longer. will it get better?? i duno, it depends on the other half that hope she understands everytin i did is for her own good. ya

A question to myself: if ur GF is going overseas to study, wat and how do i feel?
ANSWER: Ofcoz i will feel lonely after tat. sked of LOSING her coz overseas haf many better guy or maybe better looking guy. and hard to contact. hmmm. and one more thing is tat i dun even noe wat she will do ther or wat had she done ther....?
CONCLUSION: sked of LOSING her.tats it!

PPL owez said tat wen u trust ur relationship or trust ur the other half. then u wont be afraid tat u will lose him/her even ther is distance in ur relationship or long time didnt meet or contact. i dun belif in tis coz its all BULLSHIT. for me i wont leave my lover if i oredi had her. so im the one who afraid of losing her.

I HATE the feeling of sadness the feeling of losing some thing in my life. but the most i can rmb the feeling of losing one important thing in my life tat so far i experience is losing my like losing a small piece of heart.broken piece of heart. FRAGMENTS.

Owez care most of the FEELINGS of ur the other half.

when the piano keys are not smooth. then the music produce never will sounds better or good.

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